MX Trixx 2.0 Rainbow Aqua


The MX Trixx 2.0 is the cool two wheeled stunt scooter your child wants. Suitable for children aged 5-12 years

• Featuring a smaller, lighter, more compact frame making it easy for younger children to manage its weight and size.
• Can be used for performing simple jumps and tricks
• Surface Kind: Asphalt and Skatepark
• Rider level
• Weight: 3.8kg


Designed with emerging riders in mind the MX Trixx is the slickest scooter you could wish for to start learning the tricking basics. With its solid build and great looking design its also perfect for those riders who want to be seen at the skate park!! Concave 1305g Deck and Triple Bolt Clamp. Fork Threaded.

SCOOTER SIZE: 76cm x 46cm x 64cm
DECK: One piece 6061 Aluminium 1305gm / 480mm x 100mm
HEADSET: Not Integrated / Threaded
HANDLEBAR: One piece aluminium 530mm x 450mm / Backsweep 3°
FORK: 541 gm / Threaded
GRIPS: 95gm / 135mm
BRAKE: Flex fender
WHEELS: 5 spoke / Metal core / 87 A shore PU / 100mm
CLAMP: Triple Clamp

Q & A's

Q. Is the Micro Trixx Scooter right for my child?

A: The outstanding Micro Trixx Scooter is great for any child who wants to get a little more creative with their scooting. The shorter dimensions and ingenious Swiss design make tricks and stunts a whole lot easier with this model. What’s more, this scooter is highly versatile, so when they’re not on the skate park your child can scoot to school and back.


Q. Is the height of the handlebars adjustable? 

A: No, the handlebar height cannot be adjusted; the Micro Trixx Scooter is suitable for any child 4ft 2in (128cm) and up.


Q. Can the Micro Trixx Scooter be folded?

A: No, the Micro Trixx Scooter cannot be folded. However, its compact size and lightweight frame allow for stress free storage and transportation.


Q. How safe is the Micro Trixx Scooter?

A: Each of our superbly built scooters is repeatedly tested to meet European safety standards. Thoughtfully crafted from the best possible parts, not only are our scooters safe but they continue to glide along for several years. With a highly responsive brake and robust handle grips, a Micro Scooter is the safest pair of wheels.


Q. Will I need any replacement parts for my Micro Trixx Scooter?

A: At Micro Scooters we promise quality and longevity, so it is unlikely that you will experience any problems. However, we do stock replacements for every part of your scooter on our website. If you have any questions about making a repair or choosing the correct part our professional, friendly customer service team are here to give advice and guidance 7 days per week.

Safety Information

For the Scooters

Important instructions

1. Always check over your micro® scooters prior to riding, and make certain that all clamps, folding handles, bolls and screws are tightened proper, also check the wheels for wear and tightness and make sure that the steering column is securely held in the proper position.

2. Always wear a helmet, wrist-pads, elbow-pads, knee-pads and shoes with rubber soles when riding the micro® scooters.

3. Avoid riding downhill, as the integrated break does not offer reliable protection on slopes. The brake is not designed for downhill rides!

4. The folding mechanism should only be operated by an adult.

5. The brake fender does get hot – do not touch after braking. Avoid braking for long stretches.

6. Do not exceed the maximum speed of 10km/h (6,2 MPH)

7. Avoid roads, paths or other areas used by cars.

8. Always follow the traffic rules and guidelines in your area.

9. Never ride with more than one person on a micro® scooters.

10. Never ride a micro® scooters at dusk or night.

11. Do not use your micro® scooters on wet, oily, sandy, icy, rough or uneven surfaces.

12. Do not stunt ride – know your abilities and limits and always ride with control.

13. Do not apply any alterations to your micro® scooters which would affect your safety.

14. Carrying capacity 100kg (220lbs).

15. Frequent change of wheels can cause the Loctite to become ineffective and must be reapplied.

16. Self-locking nuts and other self-locking fixings may lose their effectiveness when opened and tightened a couple of times.

To avoid it please change these parts after open and tighten it twice.


Like cycling, skateboarding and in-line skating, riding a micro® scooters can be dangerous even under the best of circumstances. Serious injury or even death is possible. Always wear an approved helmet when riding your micro® scooters. Keep the chinstrap securely buckled. Failure to wear an approved helmet may result in serious injury or death. Wet weather impairs traction, braking and visibility. The risk of accidents and injury is dramatically increased in wet conditions.

Riding at dusk, after dark, or at times of poor visibility is dangerous and can result injury or death. Please keep your fingers out of the folding mechanism while folding or unfolding your micro® scooters.

Children should only use the micro® scooters only under adult supervision. The folding mechanism should only be used by an adult.

The note indicating self-locking nuts and other self-locking fixing may lose their effectiveness was missing from the instruction manual.