Spares & Repairs

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1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, undo the 8 black screws on the underneath of the foot-plate.

2. Lift the deck up and open the 2 brass screws on the brake.

3. Remove the screws and old brake then replace with the new one.

4. Place the deck back on the base of the scooter and close all the screws.


1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, undo the 2 screws on the black plate in the middle of the spring’s coils on the underside of the scooter.

2. Remove the broken spring (you might need to prise this out with the end of the screwdriver).

3. Place the new spring round the ‘O O’ bracket shapes ensuring both the long prongs are facing up and fit into the holes in the axle bar.

4. Push the ‘B’ bend down so it fits snugly around the brackets (don’t be afraid to use a hammer).

5. Replace the black plate and the 2 screws.


1. Using the Allen Keys provided in the box with your Scooter undo the Allen Key bolt through the wheel.

2. Wheels should arrive complete with bearings.

3. Place the Allen Key bolt through the base and new wheel and tighten.


1. Undo the Allen Key bolt through the wheel with the Allen Keys (Size 4) provided inside the scooter box.

2. Remove the bolt from the wheel.

3. Pull the old bearings out of the wheel using the short end of the Allen Key and remove the spacer.

4. Wipe clean the centre of the wheel to remove any remaining grit.

5. Push one of the new bearings into centre of the wheel.

6. Turn the wheel over.

You can also search an video in You Tube : Micro Scooter Instructional Video

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