Micro Story


The success of Micro began as a matter of convenience. The first kick-bike was introduced to public in 1895 and was since then under constant development. It took a major leap when Wim Ouboter, the inventor of the micro® scooter, thought the route to his favourite snack stand was too far to walk but too close to fetch the bike or the car from the garage. He developed a vehicle out of this "necessity" to overcome short distances without any major expenditure. It had to be light, simple to drive and easy to store. A scooter with folding system was the solution.

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG was established in 1996 and located in the small town of Kuesnacht, on the beautiful Lake of Zurich, Switzerland. Millions of micro® scooters were sold shortly after all over the world, they were and still are bestsellers. Meanwhile scooter riders from around the globe have joined together as a community and developed a new freestyle activity in skateparks and halls, which we actively support with our micro xtreme product series.

Today the Swiss company develops, produces and distributes various mobility products for children, adolescents, adults and even the Swiss Army. A young and motivated team supplies over 3,000 stores in 80 countries.  Principal customers are located in England, USA, South Africa, Australia, China and many European countries. In addition to different variants of the micro® Scooter, the product range also includes kickboards, runner bikes and accessories. The various products have won many awards.

The Micro Mobility Systems AG pursues its objective to play a leading role in facilitating urban life style with high-quality, exercise-promoting and environment-friendly products. In doing so, micro® opts primarily for quality and honesty.