The E-micro Falcon X3

  • The ultra-compact and practical sprinter, weighing only 8kg.
  • For a more intuitive ride you must use a kick or push movement to increase the speed of the scooter’s electric power.
  • Unlike other electric scooters the emicro one does not have a throttle to power the scooter. It is done through the rider giving a push/kick movement.
  • 3 ride programmes; eco, standard and sport modes.

The ultra-compact and practical sprinter

The Micro Falcon combines the compact dimensions of the emicro one with state of the art innovations for straightforward use, added safety and improved comfort. It is operated with the new twist grip with which you can very easily accelerate or brake, regenerating energy, by twisting the grip downward or forward. There is a rear light with an integrated brake light to increase visibility. Riding dynamics and comfort are improved even more with the new rubber tyres and the upgraded grip tape, both of which have anti-slip surfaces and an EVA foam core. The Micro Falcon is ideal for anyone looking for a scooter which is as light and as small as possible, easy to use, powerful, and providing great performance.

All E-micro scooters must be charged at least once every 3 months to prevent the battery from discharging.


Technical details:

Ideal forCity & commuter, Long distances
Age range Adults
Surface Asphalt
Weight 7.9 kg
Colour Black
SpecialsExtrawide wheels, Motion Control, Regenerative brake
Handlebar height72 - 101 cm
Removable No
Foldable Yes
Size 150/125 mm
Material Gummi & PU
WidthWidest 14 cm, narrowest 12 cm
Length 37 cm
Material Aluminium
Max. load 100 kg
Fender Yes
Kickstand Yes
Strap holder No
Electric features
MotorBLDC 250/350/500 W
BatteryLithium-Ion, 90 Wh
Speedmax 25 km/h
Range10 km
Riding ProgramsPedestrian Mode: 250 W / 6 km/h, Eco mode: 250 W / 20 km/h, Sport mode: 350 W / 25 km/h (Switzerland: 20 km/h), Active mode: 500 W / 25 km/h (Switzeland: 20 km/h)
LightRear Light


Q & A's
Q: Is the emicro approved for use on public roads? A: The e-micro one is a hybrid scooter, mixing the power of electricity with motion control i.e. push power. Riding self-propelled scooters on the pavement isn’t illegal and as the emicro one scooter is part electric and part push controlled it does not fall under the banned bylaws. However, it is advisable to ride on private property only.   Q: Can I take my e-micro one scooter on as hand luggage?  A: The emicro one contains lithium batteries. There have been some recent updates in transit rules regarding lithium batteries, we understand that some airlines may not allow the emicro on a flight – either as hand or checked luggage. We would advise you always check with your airline before you travel to avoid confusion at check in. download and print this information document >> which gives you the battery specification.      Q:Are children also allowed to ride the emicro?  A: No, the emicro is not a toy. It is an electrical vehicle and is not suitable for children.  We recommend a minimum age of 16 years.   Q:What do the LEDs mean on the deck of the scooter?  A: The LEDs indicate the charge status of the battery.   Q: How does the e-micro one scooter work?  A: The experience of riding the e-micro one scooter is a hybrid one – using the power of the electric motor and your own kick/push power. This means you use a kick motion to start the electric motor. Every time you push or use a kick movement the speed of the scooter’s electric power will increase. Unlike other electric scooters the emicro does not have a throttle to power the scooter. We think the combination of push power and the motor allows for a more intuitive ride.   Q Can you also go uphill with the emicro?  A: Uphill as well as on the flat, the motor only provides support. But the motor has a high torque so even going uphill is strongly supported.     Important notes about the Motion Control Please note that riding with electrical support takes getting used to. The acceleration and hence the forward force is much greater than with a normal kick movement.  With inexperienced riders, this unfamiliar acceleration can lift the front wheel off the ground causing them to fall. Begin with care and ensure that your body position is always leaning slightly forwards
Safety Information
INSTRUCTION MANUAL Click here to view and download the instruction manual.   BATTERY LIFE Please fully charge your emicro one scooter at least once every 3 months.    The battery itself is contained within a sealed unit in the footplate that must only be opened by an authorised technician.   WATER AND THE EMICRO ONE We would advise not to ride the emicro one scooter in heavy rain and to avoid standing water.  This is to avoid the battery and electrical circuit being damaged.