Mini Micro 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Pink


The quality RIDE-ON SCOOTER that ‘grows’ with children from age 1 to 5

PLUS an adjustable parent handle for maximum control 

Stage1: A ride on scooter for age 1 to 2. /Stage2: A toddler scooter for age 1 to 3. /Stage3: A Mini Micro scooter for age 3 to 5.

• Suitable for age 1-5
• Coloured grips, brake and print
• Anodized t-bar with premium finish
• Handlebar Height: Obar 48cm / T-bar 49 to 69cm
• Adjustable Seat Height: 21cm or 29cm
• Max. Load: seat 20kg/ deck 35kg
• Weight: 1.5-2.3kg

Special features: Removable T-bar, parental push bar and attachable seat



Our Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Plus with Push Along parent handlebar is a scooter with a trio of talents. Ride-on scooter with adjustable removable parent steering handle from 12 months. Independent sit on scooter with adjustable seat height for more confident toddlers. To iconic Mini Micro Deluxe with adjustable handlebar and extra grippy footplate from 2 years through to starting school. Always perfectly attuned to your child’s size and physical development. Helping them build confidence along with crucial balance and coordination skills. The only scooter you’ll need from first steps to first days at school.

Q & A's

Q. What is included in the box?

A. • The 3in1 Mini Micro scooter; • Detachable seat; • O-shaped handlebar; • Aluminium adjustable T-bar handle.


Q. How does Stage 1 of the Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe scooter work?

A. The first stage of the Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Scooter is perfect for children from 12 months. Your child may not yet have found their feet but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the fun and freedom of a Micro Scooter. Attach the secure and comfortable seat to the stem of the scooter with just a few twists of an Allen key and your young child can use this 3in1 model as a ride on scooter. The seat can be fixed at 2 different heights so you can find the most comfortable position for your child.


Q. How does Stage 2 of the Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe scooter work?

A. The second adaptation of the Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Scooter is best suited to children from ages 18 months. At this stage the scooter comes with an easy to grip O-shaped handlebar. When your child feels ready to stand and scoot, simply remove the detachable seat allowing your child to practice their scooting with more freedom and control.


Q. What are the advantages of Stage 3 of the 3in1 Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter?

A. The third and final adaptation of the 3in1 Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter really comes into its own. The all new adjustable handlebar allows children from ages 2+ to ride an iconic Mini Micro scooter. The strong frame and robust handle grips offer better control and improved steering for an unbeatable scooting experience.


Q: Does my child need to wear a helmet?

A. We always recommend that children should wear helmets when scooting. It is important that your child’s helmet fits correctly (see our video tutorial here). We also have tips on encouraging your child to scoot safely. Please visit our Scoot Safe section here >>.


Q. What else do I need to know about the Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Scooter?

A. The scooter weighs 1.5kg making it easy to pick up and carry. The height of the O-bar handle is 48cm and the t-bar handle is 49cm. The height of the adjustable handlebar is 49cm - 69cm.

Safety Information

For the Maxi/Mini Micro

Important instructions

1. Before you allow your child to use the Maxi/Mini Micro, ensure that the steering rod is fully engaged and that all the screws are tight. Also ensure that the wheels have been correctly secured and that they show no signs of wear. Adult assembly is required or proper assembly must be checked by an adult before use.

2. Warning: Protective equipment should be worn. Ensure that your child always wears a helmet, and wrist, elbow and knee pads, as well as shoes with rubber soles. 3. Ensure that your child does not ride down any steep hills. The brake is not designed to decelerate from high downhill speeds.

4. The brake pad becomes hot when it is used. Make especially sure that your child does not keep the brake on for a long period of time. Explain to your child that direct skin contact may cause burns. 5. Do not allow your child to travel at speeds exceeding 5km/h.

6. Ensure that your child does not ride on roads, paths or vehicles with motor vehicle traffic. 7. Always observe traffic regulations and laws. The Maxi/Mini-Micro may not be used on public roads. 8. Only one child may ride on the Maxi/Mini-Micro at one time. 9. Never allow your child to ride the Maxi/Mini-Micro at dusk or at night.

10. The Maxi/Mini-Micro must not be used on wet, oily, sandy, dirty, icy or rough or uneven surfaces.

11. Never use the Maxi/Mini-Micro in wet conditions.

12. Your child should practice first to gain control of the vehicle. Ensure that your child does not attempt any experiments or risky manoeuvres with it. Riding style should always be adjusted to the personal skill of the rider.

13. Do not make any modifications to your scooters. If you do, the guarantee is expired. 14. Load capacity is up to 20kg body weight for the Mini Micro, respectively up to 50kg body weight for the Maxi Micro. 15. Suitable for children up to approx.110cm in height for the Mini Micro and approx.150cm in height for the Maxi Micro.

16. IMPORTANT: Undoing the axle screws several times will reduce the effect of the screw securing product. This means that the screws may come loose by themselves. You should therefore always use a conventional screw securing product.


1. Only use the Maxi/Mini-Micro with the steering rod fully engaged.

2. Like cycling, skateboarding and inline skating, riding the Maxi/Mini-Micro is not totally safe even in perfect conditions and can lead to accidents.

3. Always make sure that your child wears a safety-approved helmet to ride the scooter. Falling off the mini-respectively the Maxi-Micro without such safety precautions may cause serious or even fatal accidents. Warning: Protective equipment should be worn.

4. In wet conditions there is a major risk of slipping. Do not use the Maxi/Mini-Micro in these circumstances.

5. Riding at duck, at night or in poor visibility is very dangerous and increase the risk of accidents and injury.

6. Ensure that your child always wears safety equipment. In addition to the recommended safety equipment, your child should wear bright, reflective clothing.

7. Caution – the brake pad becomes hot when used.

8. Not for children with a body weight of more than 20kg/50kg.

9. Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

10. The toy shall be used with caution, to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to user and third parties.

11. Some metal parts may corrode after a certain time, especially when used near the sea or left outdoors to often in wet conditions.