Micro Velcro Patch Set Farm *NEW


D.I.Y. the look of your Easy Luggage ( Lazy Luggage II).

Start with the cute patch☺. Unicorn, Rocket and Farm, which do you like?




The Micro Lazy Luggage is the must-have among trendy, practical travel gadgets! You can leave the buggy at home from now on, because this smart travel companion converts from trolley to child´s ride-on vehicle in an instant! Kids enjoy the opportunity to sit and ride, you have one hand free and your luggage is also neatly stowed – all is well, nice and relaxed! If the kids are not with you, simply use the trolley as a shopping companion or for your hand luggage while travelling.

Q & A's
Safety Information

Luggage Eazy Lazy Luggage

Safety instructions and warning indications!

1. Before using the micro Lazy Luggage, make sure the handlebar and screws are tightened properly. Check that the wheels are correctly mounted and show no signs of wear.

2. You alone are responsible for the safety of your child.

3. Never leave your child unsupervised.

4. The Lazy Luggage unit may be guided only by an adult.

5. To avoid serious accidents, never let go of the handlebar when a child is riding on the Lazy Luggage unit.

6. While your child is riding, ensure that they hold tight onto the handles and place their feet on the foot boards provided.

7. The micro Lazy Luggage units are not suitable for steep uphill and downhill gradients or travelling up and down stairs/steps.

8. The Lazy Luggage seat is designed for one child only. 18+ months of age. 20kg max.

9. Whenever possible, avoid using the Lazy Luggage unit in road traffic.

10. Always heed traffic rules and regulations.

11. Do not travel at speeds higher than 5 km/h in order to avoid a fall of your child.

12. Adverse weather conditions will significantly increase the risk of slipping. Do not use the Lazy Luggage unit on wet roads.

13. Don’t use the unit on wet, oily, sandy, muddy, icy, rough and uneven surfaces.

14. To avoid injuries, make sure your child stands clear when you fold or unfold the Lazy Luggage unit. Also ensure that you or others can not get caught when you fold or unfold the frame.

15. Store the unit beyond the reach of your child and do not allow him/her to play with it.

16. Ensure a firm position of the Lazy Luggage unit when travelling on public transport.

17. Do not make any changes to your micro Lazy Luggage that can endanger you or the safety of your child.

18. Attention: Repeated loosening of the axle screws weakens the effect of the thread-locking adhesive. Danger of the screws coming loose! Always use a commercially-available thread-lock adhesive.

19. Some metal parts may begin to rust after a certain amount of time, especially if they are frequently exposed to wetness or a humid, salty atmosphere.

20. The product should be assembled only by an adult.