Micro Pedalflow White


Foldable, sporty and a whole lot of fun!

• An easy-to-carry folding bike without a seat, great for short commutes
• The tight turning radius and compact ergonomic design make it fun to ride
• The standing position looks stylish, while offering a challenging workout
• Fold down size:32' x 20" x 14"


The Pedalflow is an innovative, compact, folding bike, without a seat! Designed for short commutes, the Pedalflow is great for the "last mile" to the office, rolling around the marina, or showing off on your way to town. Fun to ride and easy to carry, the Pedalflow also is useful as transport on campus. One of the most important benefits of no seat or crossbar is that getting on and off is quick and easy. It also lowers the weight. At only 16 lbs, the Pedaflow is one of the lightest-weight folding bikes on the market. The lighter weight makes it convenient to carry inside or on to public transport, using the lowered handlebar to carry it. Maintenance is simple, with no cables to worry about as the backpedal brake is built into the rear wheel hub and never needs replacing or adjusting. The cast aluminum wheels and rugged tires are suitable for all surfaces, so you can take the Pedalflow just about anywhere.

Ride, fold, carry, repeat. No seat, no problem.

Designed for adults and teens.

Please note, this product features pneumatic (air-filled) tires that may need to be inflated prior to riding. Upon receipt of the product, please check that tires are fully inflated to 80 PSI and add air as needed.

Q & A's
Safety Information



Like riding a bike, playing skateboard and roller skating, riding micro pedalflow is not always safe without any danger, accident may occur when operate improperly. When riding pedalflow, you must wear helmet that has been qualified through safety test. Fasten the safety belt at the chin, otherwise terrible harm or even fatal accident may happen when fall over. In rainy day, the performance of grasping skid proof, brake and safety will be affected to some degree, and accident and injury in rainy and snowy days may increase obviously. So accident and injury at sunset, night or under the condition of faint light may also increase.

Please be careful when handle the folding parts in particular and prevent your fingers from being hurt. When open or close the micro pedalflow, much attention must be focused, otherwise scratch may occur, which may cause you suffer bruised physically. Kids are not allowed to use the micro pedalflow.

Safety attentions

Important notes
• Read the operating instructions carefully before use!
• Ensure bindings are secured and tight before each use!
• Attention: this isn’t a bike!
• Do not ride down slopes!
• Adjust the fixed cylinder to its proper position and screw down!
• Kids are prohibited from using the micro pedalflow!
• Max. loading capacity: 100 Kilograms!
• Max.speed:20 km/h!
• Please wear protective device (helmet)!

Rules of use for the micro pedalflow

1. Before using the micro pedalflow, please check again to assure your safety, and check the handle and all the screws have been screwed down at proper position. Check again of the brake can work well, and check to see of the brake can work on the wheel.

2. We suggest you exercise riding the micro pedalflow at an open parking lot or on an idle asphalt playground.

3. Learn how to control the micro pedalflow, and make good judgement on your capability of controlling the pedalflow.

4. When use this micro pedalflow on the road or outdoors, please keep to the right as possible as you can, and stay alert to see if there are passer-by or animals in the distance. Please follow traffic rules.

5. Please be cautious to assure safety for yourself and other people.

6. Don’t ride the micro pedalflow in damp, greasy, sandy, muddy, rough and uneven road.

7. During riding, please always see about the road condition ahead, so that you can always be ready to reduce your riding speed or stop in advance. If the brake is in service for a long time, it will produce much heat, please mind you don’t scald yourself with heat.

8. Please be always mind the longitudinal and transverse ditch on the road, especially the tramway and wellcovers, where the wheel may be locked.

9. Kerbstones and pebbles will affect your balance when riding scooter on the road, you’d better get off the scooter at this time, and cross over kerbstones and dride on the flat road, otherwise, the sprocket wheel will be become collided.

10. Please don’t make any modifications on the micro pedalflow, otherwise, it will bring danger to your safety. And trobles caused by modification is not covered in warranty.

11. Please do not ride pedalflow in the evening or under the conditions of poor visibility. The micro pedalflow is only allowed to carry one person.

12. The product is not suitable for children. The micro pedalflow is not a toy!

13. The micro pedalflow is not suitable to carry or ride on any public transportation. The rules do not apply to all countries.