Micro Luggage 4.0


Trolley and scooter all in one!

Smooth, stylish, and highly versatile: the Micro Scooter Luggage 4.0 is the perfect companion for business trips, short vacations, or city life. In a matter of seconds, a simple trolley turns into a scooter that lets you glide effortlessly through the world's cities, train stations, and airports. The elegant hard-shell case with a capacity of 33 liters offers enough space for your clothes, laptop and everything else you need to take with you. Maximum comfort is provided by the height-adjustable handlebar, which can be optimally adjusted to your height in both trolley and scooter modes. The case can also be separated from the scooter with a simple click mechanism and transported with the integrated shoulder strap if necessary. Traveling has never been so easy!

Weight 5.3 kgSpecials luggage: 33 liters

Age range Teens & Adults
Surface Asphalt, Indoor, Airport
Weight 5.3 kg
Colour Black
Luggage Capacity: 33 liters
Handlebar height: 95 cm
Removable No
Folded Dimensions 62X38X29cm
Size 120/80 mm
Material PU
Max. load 100kg
Q & A's

Q. Is the Micro Luggage hand luggage approved?

A: Airlines’ hand luggage restrictions change frequently. We advise you to check with your airline before you travel. For quick reference, when the luggage is folded to its smallest dimensions it measures 620x380x290mm and weighs 6.1kg.

Q. What are the specifications of the Micro Luggage 4.0?

A: Weight of scooter: 5.3kg, Maximum rider weight: 100kg, How big is the suitcase: 33litre capacity, Folded dimensions of product: 620x380x290mm, Size of scooter footplate: 10x42.1cm – great for big feet, Wheel size: 120/80mm, Handlebar Height: Scooter 95cm Trolley 98cm

Safety Information

For the Micro Luggage

Important instructions

Read the operating instructions carefully before use.

Check that bindings are secured tightly before each use

Check adjustment of telescope function

Caution: brake can become hot

Do not down slopes

Close quick-action lock securely and ensure that it is correctly positioned

This product is not for children!!

Maximum permissible weight: 100kg + 7kg in Bag

Maximum speed: 10km/h

Only one foot is allowed on the board at a time.

The micro luggage is not a scooter or a kickboard.

Instructions for the use of the micro® luggage

1. Always check your micro® luggage before using it. Ensure that the Telescope Power Stick and all screws are tightened. Check the brake and all wheels for wear and correct it.

2. We recommend that you practice your micro® luggage on a traffic-free zone or on open very flat asphalt play areas.

3. Always keep control of your micro® luggage. Assess your capabilities correctly.

4. When riding on pedestrian walking areas or indoor, keep to the correct side according to the rules as much as possible. Watch out for pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists, and animals. Always observe rules and regulations.

5. Be careful. You are responsible for your safety and for other people.

6. Do not use the micro® luggage on wet, greasy, sandy, dirty, rough or uneven surface. It’s only for indoor use!

7. The integrated brake does not give assured braking downhill. Always look ahead while you ride so that you can quickly come to a stop at any time. The brake can get hot with prolonged use. Avoid skin contact.

8. Watch out for longitudinal and transverse grooves in the floor! The narrow wheels may get stuck in tram rails and manhole covers, for example and lockup.

9. Kerbstones and cobblestone pavements affect your balance. It is better to get off. Even lowered kerbstones can knock you off balance.

10. Do not undertake any modifications or alterations to your micro® luggage which would put your safety at risk. Also if you do so the warranty is no longer existing.

11. Do not ride at night or in conditions of poor visibility. Only one person should travel on the micro® luggage.

12. This product is not for children.

The micro® luggage is not a toy.



We recommend that you start practicing with the micro® luggage on flat surface with no traffic, no obstacles or at home. This prevents the micro® luggage from rolling off and give you some feeling for your new travel equipment. Then find a traffic-free parking ground for future learning. It would be ideal if you have a partner helping you for the first exercises. Hold on to the Telescope T-Stick with both hands. You steer the board through the slightest of weight displacements. Narrow turns are not possible because of safety reasons. To get on the way, you stand with one leg (the foot approx. at 0˚angle to direction of travel) on the board and push yourself off using the other leg.

Attention: Do never stand with both feet at the same time on the deck!