Micro Helmet Racing- White/Red


Perfect for biking, blading, skating, scooting and more

• One size 50-54cm
• Super lightweight (510g) with full protection for head, face, chin, and mouth
• EPS foam liner for comfort
• Fidlock closure avoids accidental pinching


Micro's new racing helmets not only look cool, but also offer full face protection, from the head to the face, chin and mouth.It is perfect for mountain biking, balance bike races and everything in between. The robust plastic shell with chin guard and EPS foam lining provide optimal protection and comfort at the same time. At a lightweight 510g our full face helmet for kids is one of the lightest on the market. With Fidlock Magnet Buckle.

Q & A's

Q. What size is the Micro Full-Face helmet?

A: This helmet is available in one size. It will fit those whose head measures between 50-54cm (normally for kids aged 3-8 years) But please use our helmet fitting guide which explains how to measure your child’s head before ordering. Kids heads are like shoes – size doesn’t necessarily correspond to age. We’ve known kids aged 8 to take a small size and toddlers aged 2 to take a large size.

Q. What size full face helmet do I need?

A: Before ordering we suggest you measure your child’s head. This helmet sizing guide will show you how and where to measure on your child’s head to get the correct measurement.Our full-face helmet for children is suitable for those with a measurement of 50-54cm inclusive.

Q. How should a full-face helmet fit?

A: The helmet should fit snugly over your child’s head. A full-face helmet that is loose on the head, or moves side to side is useless. This is why it is imperative to measure your child’s head before ordering.The inner padding of the helmet may feel tight when the helmet is first in place. However, it is important it feels snug as again as the padding works as protection.

Q. Can you wear glasses with a full face helmet?

A: Yes you can. It will depend on the shape of your child’s head and how much room the full face helmet leaves.

Q. How to clean a full face helmet?

A: Keeping the helmet clean and free of dirt debris will make the helmet last longer. A quick sponge over and dry every couple of months will keep the helmet looking and working as good as new for a very long time.

Q. How tight should a full face helmet be?

A: In a word – tight. You shouldn’t see any movement of the helmet once it is on your child’s head. Get them to shake their head from side to side to ensure there is no movement of the helmet. Get your child to turn their head upside down with the helmet on – there shouldn’t be any movement. To ensure you’ve got the correct fit please measure your child’s head before ordering. If the measurement is between 50-54cm then the helmet will fit correctly.

Q. Are full face helmets safer?

A: Full face helmets for kids are a great option if they are taking part in mountain biking, balance bike trials/races, scooting, skateboarding, rollerblading, quad biking or any other high-octane activity.Full face helmets protect a childs whole head, their face, chin, mouth, teeth and everything from chin to forehead. As long as the helmet is fitted correctly a full face helmet provides more protection than a classic helmet.

Q. Full face helmets for kids?

A: With younger children taking part in a variety of outdoor activities the popularity of full face helmets for kids has grown. Our full face helmets provides full face protection for children allowing them to enjoy their Micro adventures – whatever that may be.

Q. Full face helmet for toddlers?

A: In the past 5 years balance bike races for toddlers has exploded in the UK and internationally. To ensure this is done in the safest way possible full face helmets for toddlers have been introduced. Micro’s version has been expertly crafted to provide the utmost protection for kids – while also being a breeze to wear. The Micro full face helmet range is lightweight – just 550g ensuring toddlers can wear their full face helmet comfortably.

Q. Full face helmet for 3 year old?

A: Our full face helmet can be worn by a 3 year old. The measurement of our full face helmet is 50-54cm. Please make sure you measure your child’s head before ordering.

Q. Full face helmet for mountain biking?

A: Our full face helmet is suitable for kids to wear while mountain biking. But we would not advise it for downhill mountain biking.

Safety Information

Helmet instruction manual for safe use:

For maximum protection, the helmet must be fitted properly and all retention straps must be correctly and securely fastened. Please try helmets in different sizes and choose the size, which feels secure and comfortable on the head.

The helmet is designed for single impact protection and should never be used after and accident.

Severe head or neck injury, including paralysis or death may occur to you despite using this helmet. No helmet can prevent all head injuries or any neck injuries that may occur while participating in skateboard sport, roller skating or pedal cycling.

This helmet provides no protection to parts of the body that it does not cover directly.

Never modify or remove any original parts of the helmet. Neve adapt the helmet for purpose of fitting accessories. Never re-paint the helmet as this may damage its structural integrity.

That a helmet subjected to violent impact shall be discarded.

Do not expose the helmet to extreme temperatures.

Barring a significant impact, the life span of a helmet will depend upon the length and frequency of its use. Like other safety devices, a helmet needs to be replaced over time. We recommend evaluating your helmet after three years of use.

We believe all children should wear a helmet when scooting but know getting them to actually one is easier said than done. A helmet provides crucial protection in the event of a fall.