Micro G-Bike Carver *NEW


Easily attach to G-bike/ G-bike chopper back wheel.

Carve wheel makes learning how to bike much easier. Feel safe to ride.


It offers extra stability which helps toddlers to hold their balance. Your child can also put one foot on the little platform at the back and carve through the corners. It supports your child in balance training and therefore is ideal to learn how to cycle.

Q & A's
Safety Information

For the G-bike

Important instructions

1. Before you allow your child to use the g-bike, ensure that the steering rod is fully engaged and that all the screws are tight. Also ensure that the wheels have been correctly secured and that they show no signs of wear.

2. Ensure that your child always wears a helmet, wrist, elbow and knee pads and shoes with rubber soles.

3. Ensure that your child does not ride down any steep hills.

4. Do not allow your child to travel at speeds exceeding 5kph.

5. Do not allow your child does not ride on roads, paths and other places with motor vehicle traffic.

6. Always Observe traffic regulations and laws. The g-bike may not used on the public roads.

7. Only one child may ride on the g-bike at any one time.

8. Never allow your child to ride the g-bike at dusk or during the night.

9. The g-bike must not be used on wet, oily, sandy, dirty, icy, rough or uneven surfaces.

10. Your child should practice to gain control of the vehicle. Ensure that your child does not attempt any experiments or risky manoeuvres with it. Riding style should always be adjusted to the personal skill of the rider.

11. Do not make any modifications to the g-bike. If you do, we can no longer guarantee that it is safe to use.

12. Load capacity up to 20kg body weight.

13. Suitable for children up to approx.110cm in height.

14. Important: Undoing the axle screws several times will reduce the effects of the screw securing product. This means that the screws may come loose by themselves. You should therefore always use a conventional screw securing product. 


Check at regular intervals that all screws are tight and the condition of the wheels and replace them if necessary.

Clean the g-bike with a damp, soft cloth every time when you have finished using it.