Micro Trike 360


The world's lightest stroller!

• Foldable
• 360 degree rotating seat
• Rear suspension
• Age Range: 8 to 36 months 
• Max load: 15kg
• Weight: 7.4kg
• Seat Height: 51cm
• Folded Size: 540mmW x 750mmH x 370mmD


The Micro Trike 360 Plus is the ultra-light alternative to a conventional stroller. Thanks to its compact folding dimensions, the stroller can be conveniently stowed in any trunk and fits easily into the overhead compartments of airplanes and trains. The 360-degree swivel seat is particularly practical. If the seat points forward, the child can explore the surroundings; if it points towards the parents, personal interaction with the child is possible. The seat back can be fixed at either a 95 or 125 degree angle. In the upright position, the Micro Trike 360 Plus also serves as a high chair for eating. The padded 5-point harness and front bar guarantee a safe sitting position for the child at all times. The front swivel wheels provide optimal maneuverability and can be locked if necessary. The rear wheels are equipped with a one-touch footbrake.

Q & A's
Safety Information

Safety instructions

Before using the micro TRIKE, make sure the handlebar and screws are tightened. Check that the wheels are correctly mounted and show no sign of wear.

• You alone are responsible for the safety of your child. 
• Never let your child ride the TRIKE unsupervised. 
• The TRIKE must only be guided by an adult. 
• To avoid serious accidents, never leave go of the handlebar when there is a child on the TRIKE. 
• While your child is riding, make sure that they hold tight onto the handles and place their feet on the flex deck provided. 
• The micro TRIKE is not suitable for steep uphill and downhill gradients or travelling up and down stairs/steps. 
• The TRIKE seat is designed for one child only. 
• Whenever possible, avoid using the TRIKE in road traffic. 
• Always heed the traffic rules and regulations. 
• Do not allow your child to travel faster 5 km/h in order to avoid accidents. 
• During adverse weather conditions, the risk of accident and injury increase considerably. Never use the TRIKE when the road is wet. 
• Do not ride the product on wet, greasy, sandy, muddy, rough and uneven surfaces. 
• To avoid accidents, make sure your child stands clear when you fold or unfold the TRIKE. Also pay attention that you and others do not become jammed when folding or unfolding the frame. 
• Park the product beyond the reach of our child and do not allow him/her to play with it. 
• Make sure the TRIKE is secure when travelling on public transport. 
• Do not make any changes to your micro TRIKE that can endanger you or the safety of your child. 
• When using the telescopic bar, note that the tension lever is closed under tension. 
• Some metal parts can begin to rust after a certain amount of time, especially if they are frequently exposed to rain or a humid, salty atmosphere. 
• The product must be assembled by an adult. 

Attention: After repeatedly loosening the axle screws, the effect of the thread-locking adhesive weakens. Danger of the screws coming loose! Therefore, use a commercially available thread-lock adhesive. 

The toy should be used with caution, since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions, which could cause injury to the user or to third parties.

The toy must only be used in safe riding areas e.g. private properties or parks without traffic, providing a flat and wide area without obstacles.