Elbow & Knee Pads Rocket Size S


Tough, durable pads for every adventure!

*Hard plastic outer *Easy click-in system means no need to re-adjust every time *Foam cushion liner for comfort *Include 2 knee pads and 2 elbow pads

To ensure that you get the correct pads for your child the sizes are below. The dimensions listed are for the inner circumference of the straps. Please measure around the arm/leg just above the joint for an accurate guide.

• S: Knee 21 to 27cm / Elbow 15 to 19cm
• M: Knee 25 to 31cm / Elbow 17 to 21cm


Keep your scooting adventurer safe and secure with our new range of knee and elbow pads. Like our scooters, our safety accessories are made to be long lasting and durable. Unlike other safety pads the Micro version incorporates thoughtful little details to make your life easier and their scooting adventures safer. The easy click-in fitting system means once the pads have been adjusted to fit your child they won’t need to be adjusted every time they put them on. The outer shell is super strong and will protect against falls, scrapes or knocks. Meanwhile the inside of the pads have a foam cushion liner which keeps them comfortable as well as providing an extra layer of protection.

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