Micro Air Hopper Pink


*NEW** BOUNCE and RIDE, Twice the FUN!

• Age Range: 18-36mths.
• Combines hopping and riding in a unique and unprecedented way
• 2 stages: can be used as a normal bouncing ball or as a ride-on toy
• Lightweight & compact: inflatable main body for easy transport
• Soft lower outline
• Max. Load: 25kg


In a revolutionary way, the Micro Air Hopper combines the well-known hopper ball concept with the fun of riding on wheels. The ergonomically designed children's toy consists of two components - an inflatable main body, and a chassis with 360 degrees PU wheels that are exceptionally quiet and leave no marks. With the Micro Air Hopper, the toddlers are already mobile and active before their first attempts at walking. 

Furthermore, beyond the giggles and fun, coordination and balance are skillfully promoted.

Q & A's

Q.How do I make sure the Micro Air Hopper is the right size for my child?

A: The ball can be filled with more or less air, depending on the size of the child, so that your kid is always safe, stable and comfortable. At it's utmost blown up point, the seat of the ride on is 31cm high, so it's important to measure your child's leg to ensure that they can comfortably touch the ground. For transport or storage, the air in the main part can be completely let out.


Q.How does the Micro Air Hopper go from a ride-on toy to bouncy ball?

A: The base of the Micro Air Hopper can be easily removed and it transforms into a bouncy ball.


Q. Is the Micro Air Hopper safe to use inside?

A: For even more safety (for the walls too) so that the kids do not pinch their fingers, the chassis is made of rubber.


Q. Is the Micro Air Hopper easy to steer as a ride on?

A: The Micro Air Hopper has 360-degree wheels made of PU, are extra quiet and leave no marks on the floor. Perfect to glide over wooden or lino floors!

Safety Information