Micro Kickboard Original interchangeable *NEW


• Age Range: 12 - adult
• Wheel Size: 120mm
• Deck Width: 14cm
• Deck Length: 44cm
• Handlebar Height: 72-102cm
• Max. Load: 100kg
• Weight: 4.9kg
• Colour: Polished Aluminium

Special features: Interchangeable to Joystick or T-bar, height-adjustable handlebar and flexible deck


For surf on the asphalt!

The micro kickboards convey, thanks to their special weight control, the ultimate feeling of surfing. With its flexible footboard made of fiberglass and wood the micro kickboard original guarantees a fun and smooth ride. Let’s surf the sidewalks oldschool!

Q & A's

Q. Who should buy the Micro Original Kickboard Scooter?

A: This impressive model has been engineered with a robust frame and three sturdy wheels, perfect for adult and teenage riders (age 12 and up). Because of its unique design the Micro Original Kickboard Scooter can withstand a weight of up to 98kg (15stone 7lbs). This highly versatile scooter is suitable for a wide spectrum of riders, from working adults to busy parents and active teens. If you’re looking to navigate the city, scoot to school or have fun with friends then the esteemed Micro Original Kickboard Scooter is an excellent choice.

Q. Is the height of the handlebars adjustable?

A: Absolutely! The height of the handlebars can be easily and quickly adjusted from 2ft 4in to 3ft 3in (71cm to 100cm) so you can find a comfortable riding height. This means that if you’re purchasing the Micro Original Kickboard Scooter for a younger rider then the scooter can grow with your teenager so you needn’t buy a new model.

Safety Information

For the Kickboards

Important instructions

Read the operating instructions carefully before use

Check those bindings are secured tightly before each use

Check adjustment of spring elements

Warning: The wearing of helmets and protective equipment for elbows, knees, wrists and palms as well as shoes with flat rubber soles is recommended

Caution: brake can become hot

Do not down slopes

Close quick-action lock securely and ensure that it is correctly positioned

Children must be supervised

Maximum permissible weight: 100kg

Instructions for the use of the micro® kickboards on the road.

1. Always check your micro® kickboard before using it. Ensure that the Telescope Power Stick and all screws are tightened. Check the brake and all wheels for wear and correct it.

2. We recommend that you practice your kickboarding on a traffic-free car park or on open asphalt play areas.

3. Always keep control of your micro® kickboard. Assess your capabilities correctly.

4. When boarding on pedestrian walking areas keep to the correct side according to the rules of the road as much as possible. Watch out for pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists, rollerblades and animals. Always observe traffic rules and regulations.

5. Be careful. You are responsible for your safety and for other people. You are also helping to make your support acceptable to passers-by.

6. Do not use the kickboard on wet, greasy, sandy, dirty, rough or uneven surface.

7. The integrated brake does not give assured braking downhill. Dismount. Always look ahead while you ride so that you can quickly come to a stop at any time. The brake can get hot with prolonged use. Avoid skin contact.

8. Watch out for longitudinal and transverse grooves in the asphalt! The narrow wheels may get stuck in tram rails and manhole covers, for example and lockup.

9. Kerbstones and cobblestone pavements affect your balance. It is better to get off. Even lowered kerbstones can knock you off balance.

10. Basically it is possible to make smallish jumps with the micro® kickboard. To do this you must know your sports equipment well and have worked out routines. In case of doubt it is best to avoid daredevil feats!

11. Do not undertake any modifications or alterations to your micro® kickboard which would put your safety at risk.

12. Do not board at night or in conditions of poor visibility. Only one person should ever travel on the kickboard.

13. Always wear suitable proactive clothing. It is recommended that you use tested helmets and protective equipment for elbows, knees and hands, together with shoes having flat rubber soles.

14. Explain to your children the risks of using the equipment as well as how to use it. Supervise your children while they are using the equipment.

The micro® kickboard is not a toy.

Attention: Repeated slackening of the axial screws reduces the effects of the screw securing agent.


We recommend that you start practicing with the micro® kickboard on the carpet at home. This prevents the micro® kickboard from rolling off and gives you some feeling for your new fun equipment. Then find a traffic-free parking ground or clear asphalt playground for future learning. It would be ideal if you have a partner helping you for the first exercises.

Hold on to the Telescope Power Stick with on hand. You steer the board through the slightest of weight displacements.

To get under way, you stand with one leg (the foot approx. at 45˚angle to the direction of travel) on the board and push yourself off using the other leg. If you stand with your right leg on the board while getting up speed, hold on to the Telescope Power Stick with your right hand. If you have your left leg on the board, hold on the Telescope Power Stick with your left hand.

After gaining momentum you stand with your legs apart on the board, so that both feet are approx. at 45˚angle to the direction of travel. If the right leg is closer to the Telescope Power Stick, hold on with the right hand (accordingly left leg, left hand).